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Page Changer

Page Changer

Using a <select> dropdown menu to create navigation isn’t as common as it once was, but it’s still around. It got ripped on pretty good for being an inaccessible / obtrusive. Indeed a lot of the scripts you’ll find out there for creating a menu like this are this way. Bummer. Let’s make one that works with OR without JavaScript!

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    <select onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value)">
        <option value="">Go to page...</option>
        <option value="">CSS-Tricks</option>
        <option value="">Digging Into WordPress</option>
        <option value="">Quotes on Design</option>

Inline JavaScript… it works, but only if JavaScript is enabled. Without, you’ll have a dropdown menu that does absolutely nothing.


<form id="page-changer" action="" method="post">
    <select name="nav">
        <option value="">Go to page...</option>
        <option value="">CSS-Tricks</option>
        <option value="">Digging Into WordPress</option>
        <option value="">Quotes on Design</option>
    <input type="submit" value="Go" id="submit" />

Pretty similar, but no inline JavaScript. Instead we give the form and ID we will use later to target. The form now POSTs to itself, and we have added a submit button, so the form is functional. The select now has a name value, so when the submit button is pressed, it will POST a value.

At the very top of our page, we’ll check for a POST value from that form. If it is there, we’ll redirect the page to that value.

	if (isset($_POST['nav'])) {
		 header("Location: $_POST[nav]");

No JavaScript needed at all, the page redirect is handled entirely via server-side PHP. NOTE: this is just the way-simplified PHP. You should probably sanitize that submitted value before passing it to the header function (esp. if running PHP prior to 4.4.2 or 5.1.2) to prevent “header injection” attacks.

We can make it behave identically to the obtrusive method though, with just a few lines of jQuery.

  1. Hide the submit button.
  2. When the select is changed…
  3. Redirect to value of option
$(function() {


    $("#page-changer select").change(function() {
        window.location = $("#page-changer select option:selected").val();


View Demo

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  2. April 14, 2010 at 1:54 am

    This is a great post. I am trying to use it on my blog.

    When I try the “The OBTRUSIVE Way” WP deletes the onchange=”[this.selectedIndex].value)”

    When I try the “The UNOBTRUSIVE Way” I get the following error: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by … any advice

    Thanks in advance

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